Make Your Firefox Looks Like a Google Crome

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Hello friends,how are you all, i hope you are fine.Now come to our point today we are sharing simple tricks to change your Firefox look like Google Crome.Google crome look was very nice compare to all browser.But we mostly use Firefox because it has many addons and mods which makes our browser power wonderfull.And now this task is tweaking the Firefox browser to look like Google Chrome will be done with the help of these add-ons only.

Make Your Firefox Looks Like a Google Crome

We can Make this possible by a simple Firefox addon name Chromifox .This can make our Firefox look into Google crome possible.Chromifox is termed as 'coat of chrome for Firefox'.
Now we will give link of those addons which can Make Your Firefox Looks like a Google Crome .See bellow to get Link.

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