Make a Folder Without Name

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Hey Friends i am back with a new coll tricks Make a Folder without name.Previously i posted Improve your blog SEO by firefox addons this post is only for webmaster's, but now i posting a post about Make a Folder without name this post is for all my blog readers.You may have seen different types of folder like heart shape name or other signs,But you erver tried to give a folder a blank name or invisible name ?.I think no,se follow the bellow steps to make folder without name.

Make a Folder Without Name

Steps To Make Folder Withou Name

Step 1: Click the right mouse button on a new folder or any other folder which you want to make without name,then click on rename.

Make a Folder Without Name

Step 2: Now Keep holding "Alt" button or key in your keyboard and type "0160"

Now Simply click anywhere outside the folder,than see the magic.

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"Make a Folder Without Name"


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