Increase Your Internet Speed With a Simple Trick

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Increase Your Internet Speed With a Simple TrickA Slowly Web Network really expenditures time and creates you experience frustrating. Many individuals ask me the tips on how to Improve their Web Rate. However, it's possible to do so somewhat and Create your Web much better then it was in the last. However, There are some changes and applications that will help you to Improve your Web Rate.

(1) Increase Your Internet Speed Upto 20%

This is the first method to rate up your web. This method might be known to most of the individuals. But still I want to reveal this with you!! However, this method help you to improve your Internet Speed by 20%. Just adhere to the techniques below: 

Go to start.
Go to run.
Type gpedit.msc and hit enter.
Expand Administrative Templates.
Then Network.
Then QoS Packet Scheduler.
A new list will appear. Click on Limit Reservable Bandwidth.
Just Disable it.
Click on Apply.
Hit OK. You're done!!
Now just restart your Computer. You will experience a change in your Speed.

(2) Free Accelerators to Speed up your Internet:

In this second method, I am providing Internet Accelerators to Speed up your Internet. However, these are some small utilities that will tweak and optimize your internet settings for you, and thereby, Speeding up your Internet. 

Ashampoo Internet Accelerator

This utility comes with an awesome tool that will optimize and tweak your internet settings within a single click. It also has a feature to test your Connection speed.


 You can also try other accelerators like:

(3) Use TCP Optimizer to Boost Speed

TCP Optimizer is a Small device allowing you to boost and track up your Internet Rate.

(4) Ways to Boost Speed in Firefox

You can use Speedyfox to improve your Web Rate.
You can perspective our one of our formerly published post for this.

And you can even Develop your efficiency in Chrome and all other surfers.You can perspective our one of our formerly published post for this.

(5) Some tips from my side:

  • Use IDM to boost your Downloading Speed.
  • Try Downloading torrents using IDM.
  • Use a Good Anti-virus in your Computer.
  • Remove  unwanted add-ons,softwares,unwanted files from your computer.
  • Update your drivers periodically.
  • Keep a good maintenance of your Computer.

I strongly recommend you to upgrade your Internet Plan experience a quicker and more constant Speed..

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