Check Username Availability on 80+ Websites by a Simple Tool

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Hello Friends i am back with a new great post.Before i posted "Remove ad from banner".Now i am posting a post which help you to check your username availablity on 80+ websites.Before we start look a short description bellow about that tool.

Check Username Availability

With large surge in the reach-ability of On the internet, the variety of person has improved greatly and so the number of sites.If you are an On the internet fanatic and has been already authorized on well-known web page you might know how difficult it is to discover a common username for all sites.You can discover Username available in one web page but on another it may be already taken.This results in keeping in mind different usernames for different sites (or in making of a spread sheet to keep record).

Now you can diagnose this problem by verifying option  login name on most well-known 80 sites at the same time.
    Will our Next Technology be able to make their Records due to Username availability?
NameChk is online device that allows you to check Username availableness on various sites.

Check Username Availability on 80+ Websites

  • Go to NameChk website.
  • In the text field type the username that you want to set and click on CHK button.
  • Now the list will be displayed on which site the username is available and taken.
Check Username Availability on 80+

This tool is very beneficial for those who often make their records online for selling their company or web page.

I Hope this post is very helpful to you.
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"Check Username Availability on 80+ Websites by a Simple Tool"


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