1x Hotfile premium Account for 24/1/2012

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Free Hotfile.com Premium Accounts,working fine.

Hotfile is a one-click file hosting website that was founded by Hotfile Corp in 2006 in Panama City, Panama. Hotfile currently gets 23,000,000 monthly visits.

Hotfile premium Account for free

Usage of Hotfile.com

Hotfile allows users to upload and download files with any web browser. Non-registered users are allowed to upload up to 400 MB at once. After a successful file upload, the user is given a unique URL which allows others to download the file. Non-registered users have to wait 15 seconds in the download queue and might need to enter a CAPTCHA and have to wait 30 minutes to download another file after a previous download session ends (even if the file did not download completely). Hotfile does not provide a search engine or browser. As the URL's of uploaded files often use acronyms or rather random abbreviations as an indication of file content, conventional search engines turn up few results. Only Filecrop is a reasonably well functioning search engine for Hotfile (and for Rapidshare) content.


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